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Suicide has been a serious problem in Lithuania since the restoration of independence. For the last 30 years, various state and municipal institutions, non-governmental organizations and media have been working at various levels of prevention and are trying to reduce this painful problem for Lithuania.

In 2018, representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, the State Mental Health Centre, the Emotional Support Services Association and the municipalities of Vilnius and Kaunas agreed to develop a unified suicide prevention approach called "TuEsi". It was also decided to create a national suicide prevention website based on the website www.tuesi.lt which was administered by the Vilnius City Public Health Bureau.

This website is for a suicide crisis survivor, a loved one or close friend, and professional helpers. The information on the site is brief, taking into account the specific needs of each target group. Suicide crisis counsellors have been provided with information about the various types of assistance and support within a particular municipality, and what they can expect when calling for help by phone, online, or at a meeting with a specialist. Those wishing to help suicide crisis survivors can learn about the signs of risk, causes and myths about suicide, and find tips on how to help properly. Professionals have been provided with detailed information on how to handle a particular situation. The site also publishes stories of suicide crisis survivors.


The logo “TuEsi” was designed by Jonas Liugaila.
The logo “TuEsi”, graphic design and creation of www.tuesi.lt  were funded by Vilnius City Municipality.
The development of the website www.tuesi.lt was funded by the Lithuanian Ministry of Health.
The project “TuEsi” is coordinated by the Office of Suicide Prevention at the State Mental Health Centre.


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