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If I go to a mental health centre

  • When you call to the mental health centre receptionist, you will be registered to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
  • If you do not know which mental health centre you are enrolled in, ask at your local clinic.
  • At the mental health centre, the specialist will provide a consultation on the same day, but no later than 12 hours from referral to the centre.
  • You are entitled to assistance without disclosing your identity (anonymously).
  • If you contact the mental health centre you are registered for, you will get free specialist help.
  • For help received at a mental health centre other than the one you have registered, or for non-identified help, you will be charged between 10 and 20 Euros.
  • During the consultation, the psychiatrist or psychologist will assess the need for help when talking to you.
  • By working together, you will discuss on the type of support you need, agree on a support plan and a detailed description of how, where and when the support will be provided. Duration of consultation 45-90 minutes.
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