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The following professionals provide mental health care:


A psychiatrist (pediatric and adolescent psychiatrist) is a doctor who has acquired general medical knowledge and completed a specialized residency program in psychiatry. During the consultation, the psychiatrist applies the psychological counselling technique and prescribes medication when needed. Depending on the individual needs of the patient, the psychiatrist also involves other professionals (psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, physicians in other fields) in the treatment process.


A psychologist is a graduate of psychology from university. During the counselling session, the psychologist listens to the person with no condemnation and helps them discover the most effective solutions to the problem. A psychologist does not give advice, but is like a companion for a person looking for a way out of emotionally difficult situations. A psychologist consults both people with psychological difficulties and people with mental disorders. The psychologist has no right to prescribe medication. It is recommended that the individual consult a psychiatrist for diagnosis or a prescription for medication.


A psychotherapist is a doctor (usually a psychiatrist) or psychologist who has completed a postgraduate programme in psychotherapy, after completing medical or psychological studies at university. A psychotherapist, much like a psychologist, treats the person through conversation, but analyses the issues much more deeply than during psychological counselling, based on a particular psychotherapeutic paradigm (eg, cognitive-behavioural, existential, psychodynamic, etc.).


Social worker - a graduate of social work studies from university. A social worker assesses the needs of an individual and / or his or her family in relation to social services, helping them to cope with emerging social, employment, leisure, problems, can refer them to other professionals, provide information about various social services at their workplace or at other institutions.

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