What should I do?

1. Ask directly if the person is contemplating suicide.
For example: “Recently, you have seemed frustrated with everything. Is it possible that you are having suicidal thoughts? ".
2. Ask the person to tell you why he / she has thoughts of suicide.
Sincere and open conversation can alleviate distressing feelings. Never underestimate the seriousness of human intentions.
3. Help the person to find a mental health professional.
Help to arrange and accompany the person to the first consultation - they will be more confident.
4. Don't take full responsibility alone.
Ask others to help you convince someone to seek help.
5. Unable to persuade the person.
Seek the help of professionals yourself and find out what to do next together.
If there is an obvious threat to the person’s health or life (previously tried or is intending to commit suicide), call 112 to call for assistance or go to the nearest hospital emergency department.
If the person is safe at this time, consult a mental health professional.