Myth 1: People who talk about suicide do not commit suicide

People who talk about suicide can seek help or reinforcement while talking. Many people with suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression and despair may feel that there is simply no other way out.
About 80% of people who have committed suicide have done so in one way or another, either in their own words or through their behavior. Yes, there are suicides that occur without warning, but usually there are signs of danger before the suicide is commited.
Therefore, it is very important to take such signs seriously, even if it seems to be just intimidation or manipulation. Ask directly “Are you thinking of suicide?”

Myth 2: It is dangerous to ask about suicide directly as it can lead to suicide.

If one does not think of suicide, a straight question will certainly not lead to suicide. For someone who is already thinking about suicide, a straight and simple question can only help. Asking directly about suicidal thoughts will give the person an opportunity to talk about the things that they care about, albeit very difficult ones. Often, such a person feels that no one understands, they are lonely, it is scary to talk about their thoughts. Therefore, open conversation can only help.

Myth 3: One who wants to commit suicide will still commit suicide.

In contrast, people who commit suicide tend to fluctuate between their desire to live and their intention to die.
Suicidologists are of the opinion that people commit suicide because they no longer endure great psychological pain. After suffering such pain for so long, people want to stop it and start to think that the only way to do it is by suicide. They don’t want to die, they want to end the pain.
Most people who consider suicide are completely lost, do not see other solutions, but really expect to be saved.
The right help at the right time can reduce this pain and save lives.

Myth 4: Only people with mental disorders commit suicide.

Mental disorders (such as clinical depression) increase the risk of suicide, but most people with mental disorders do not commit suicide. A large proportion of those who committed suicide had no mental disorders. Psychological pain, sadness and despair, are not necessarily signs of a mental disorder.

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